Brands whose stories we've helped to create and share.

Chronicles of a Laptop Warrior- an ongoing online show where host Miks Ozolins arrives to various businesses with his laptop strapped to his Harley-Davidson, and creates ad campaigns that almost instantly generate more business for them.

Behind The Brand- Your Real Estate Mentor’s, Daron Campbell’s story of struggle-to-success.

Behind The Brand: The struggle-to-success story of Ad Formers' creator Miks.

"Drink & Drone" - How I Made $1,000 Laying Here

"Shotgun Shine" - How I added $3,000 in Monthly Revenue Running Facebook Ads for Clients

Trailer for a feature film I Want YourGirl! written, produced, and directed by Miks Ozolins.

Sisters Roxy & Maya wake up home alone in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. As they try to remain alive Roxy does what she can so Maya can see their parents again. Written, produced, and directed by Miks Ozolins.

A commercial for a lead generation campaign on Facebook for Empire Harley-Davidson.

A video invite to an event and an RSVP campaign for Preferred Home Care of NY.

Doritos Super Bowl Ad.

A "spike" massage mat by Pranamat Eco.

A music video for a client from Moscow, Russia. Shot in Los Angeles and Palmdale, CA.

A music video for a client from Moscow, Russia. Shot in New York City and Brooklyn, NY.

A bachelor's penthouse presentation for Core Group (Real Estate).

A triplex showing from Core Group (Real Estate).